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A Fantastic Woman (2017)

The Chilean (and don’t let the subtitles stop you), Oscar-winning drama starring the extraordinary Daniela Vega. Rather than telling the story of her transition, this film settles upon the aftermath of a love affair between Marina, a Santiago sex worker and Orlando, her older and much respected partner. Despite the incredible central performance, this in […]

The Beauty Myth

Thing about beauty is that it isn’t a meritocracy. I don’t believe that we get to be gorgeous because of selfless deeds extended in previous lives (sorry reincarnationists!). Our appearances are nothing more than accidental collisions of DNA and genetics (and this is before we even attempt to define beauty itself). Trans itself is likewise […]

Sunshine Behavioural Health

A US site focused upon the effects of substance abuse and addiction among the trans community. https://www.sunshinebehavioralhealth.com/resources/transgender-community/


I’m writing this on March 11th, 2021, almost exactly one year after the UK – and much of the rest of the world – was introduced to the term ‘Lockdown’. I mean, we knew the word before, right? But not as a way of life!   I wanted to share some thoughts on how this […]

Changing Rooms

I’ve stepped into this minefield before, but given that I have the time and that my opinion on this like so many other matters these days is continuing to evolve, I thought I’d return for another hop, skip and ka-boom! In a report published in 2016, the House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee recommended […]


Where Was I..?   You know, I almost forgot I had a website. Not through any lack of interest, but simply because with the passing of my mum, relocation to the south-east of England and the busiest couple of years of work I’ve ever had, each minute of every day was booked and paid for, […]


Even the word seems not to belong: Taboo. It has neither an Anglo-Germanic feel, nor spelling – and that’s because we owe it to the kingdom of Tonga. The word came back from faraway lands with Captain Cook in the 18th century and quickly found a home in the social consciences of English people, who […]


Happy New Year, everyone! The great post-Christmas return to work prompted me to to run this piece that I uploaded recently to my LinkedIn profile. You can find me there at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kimerincowley/ My gender transition belongs to another age – or at least another century. We’ve come a long way – though I imagine it must […]

In and Out

Since I was officially diagnosed almost 25 years ago, the way that I have communicated my trans status to those around me has taken three very distinct turns. Stage 1:  Terrified Silence to Thrill of the Case I always knew of course, but knowing is different to doing. I came to understand the nature of […]