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Even the word seems not to belong: Taboo. It has neither an Anglo-Germanic feel, nor spelling – and that’s because we owe it to the kingdom of Tonga. The word came back from faraway lands with Captain Cook in the 18th century and quickly found a home in the social consciences of English people, who […]


Happy New Year, everyone! The great post-Christmas return to work prompted me to to run this piece that I uploaded recently to my LinkedIn profile. You can find me there at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kimerincowley/ My gender transition belongs to another age – or at least another century. We’ve come a long way – though I imagine it must […]

In and Out

Since I was officially diagnosed almost 25 years ago, the way that I have communicated my trans status to those around me has taken three very distinct turns. Stage 1:  Terrified Silence to Thrill of the Case I always knew of course, but knowing is different to doing. I came to understand the nature of […]